Jeanne Pfaff’s artistic practice uses figuration to explore line and an immediacy of intuitive mark making in order to express the emotional content of her artistic gesture. Her practice is inspired by Abstract Expressionist spontaneity and gestural art making and is shaped by her body’s response to the act of painting.

She brings a meditative practice to her art by using her expression in paint to reflect on social and environmental forces at play in her life. Rather than a concern with a deliberate outcome her work relishes the undeliberate, accidental and intuitive moments in her work, such that the viewer is presented with an energy of vision rather than a contained image.

Throughout Pfaff’s work there is a continual conversation between her artistic impulse and the properties of the mediums she works in. Each work stands testament to an honest exchange between artist and material where formal painting devices do not hold the material properties or inclinations of the painting process hostage in any way. While her work is grounded in traditional arts practices, her engagement with painting is one she describes as, “chasing energy around the canvas.”

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