Kaelik, Haroun and Lucian

This work explores the delicate relationship between the viewer and the viewed. In this context, it is a very close, complicated and layered bond between a mother and her three children.   There are elements of this work that could be considered a self portrait, without the photographer’s presence.  The children perform for their mother. Their unguarded playfulness in the images is reflective of  their intimate connection to her. Subtle details of the children’s personalities are at once revealed and concealed. What happens in the actual frame, is continued and extended into the real world and vice versa.

The series in the form of a family album looks at the relations between the siblings and their environment. The photographs are presented in a miniature format in order to highlight the idea that intimate viewing is required. The children often in exploring the world around them through play, shift between reality and fantasy. Mundane everyday activities, like cutting hair and being sick, are placed next to more playful  situations.  A sick bandaged child is easily placed next to masked faces. Infrequently exposed to television, the children rely exclusively on their imagination to create fantastical games. The camera becomes part of these moments in an effort to preserve this particular moment in their lives. Every moment reveals something new as they grow older.  The images have a timeless quality.  

The work is specifically photographed on lomographic black and white film so that presence of the photographic medium is strongly felt. The unpredictability of film means that the viewer looks at the content in the images as well as the actual mistakes which are prevalent in the film. The “mistakes” become an important part of the images, creating strong design elements within the frame.

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